We help you clean every part of the mall. A clean mall would definitely attract more customers and bring in more business. Our staff are highly trained in all types of cleaning, including but not limited to cleaning the floors, escalators and glass panels. We have high-quality machinery such as ride-on scrubbers, auto scrubbers, escalator machines to facilitate the cleaning process. With our service, you can have glossy floors in your malls.


  • Emergency Cleaning We help you clear the mess created by fire, vandalism, water or smoke damage, snow and ice removal, or a variety of conditions that require fast and efficient response.
  • Construction & Pre-Occupancy Cleaning We help new home owners clean the interior and exterior of their homes before moving in and clear the mess left by construction
  • Pre and Post Event CleaningWe help you do a thorough clean up before event activities start, and clear up after the event is over.
  • Toilet Descaling We do thorough scrubbing and descaling of WC bowls.


We design practical and effective programs to suit every office's cleaning requirements. The appearance and cleanliness of your premises are important to your clients, employees and you. It makes financial sense to ensure the working environment is clean and sanitized to reduce stress and enhance work progress. We have the skills, materials and equipment to help you keep your office clean and sanitized.


  • Window & Facade Cleaning We have special techniques to clean glass, screens and windows inside and out. If time and effort are an issue for you, save these valuable resources and let us be your sparkling clean window provider. We guarantee that our work is safe, efficient and cost effective.
  • Marble Restoration We do polishing, powder form, diamond cutting and crystallization of marble flooring.
  • Carpet ShampooDry powder system, wet shampooing, mopping of carpet, bonneting and extraction methodology.

Other Professional Services

  • Striping and waxing
  • Floor sealing
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Ceiling cleaning
  • Blinds and light fixture cleaning
  • Stone and concrete cleaning

Muhammad & Brothers Company